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est. New York | c. Los Angeles

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Posted June 23rd, 2022 in Uncategorized by Billy Jensen

My statement on recent events:


Last October, I attended an Exactly Right Halloween event with my wife and others at a brewery. It was the first event since the pandemic started, and I was excited to see people I hadn’t seen offline in two years. Admittedly, I was being very social and hugging my colleagues and friends. All of these hugs were out in the open, in front of everyone at the event.


Two months later, I was told that someone had made a complaint that my interaction with them at the event was inappropriate. I was surprised and horrified. I did not touch anyone with untoward intentions, nor was there a moment when anyone expressed any indication of discomfort — but I was hugging and putting my arm around my colleagues that evening and I did get into people’s personal space and assumed a level of comfort without asking. I now understand that was unwelcome, and I am deeply sorry I made anyone feel uncomfortable that night. I didn’t approach anyone with any ill intention, and I truly regret that my eagerness for shared camaraderie came across in such a way.


I was interviewed about the event, and three weeks later I received a short phone call and was told that my actions at the brewery event “were inappropriate.” There was absolutely no mention of “harassment,” and this was the only explanation I received. Subsequently, the Murder Squad podcast was then put on a hiatus.


I recently learned — through third parties and no official channels (corporate, legal or otherwise) — that the complainant may have had some sort of dispute against Exactly Right. However, I was not a party to that dispute, I did not take part in it as a witness or otherwise, I do not know what the issues were, and I do not know the outcome. Nor do I know the exact reasons why Murder Squad was ultimately discontinued.


This has been an incredibly difficult year with a lot of introspection and therapy, which I plan to continue far into the future. I understand some people in the community may have their minds already made up about me — believe me, I have heard you — but I will continue working to become more conscious of other people’s personal space and comfort levels.


Again, I am deeply sorry I made anyone feel uncomfortable.




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