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Established New York 1997

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DB Cooper History Channel Special: FBI Interview Bonus Footage

Posted July 11th, 2016 in Field Reports by Billy Jensen

Last August I got a call from the History Channel asking me to investigate the DB Cooper mystery and vet a suspect that a team of citizen sleuths had uncovered.


I was paired with a former FBI man, assistant director Tom Fuentes, and together we traveled up to the Pacific Northwest to interview witnesses, former and current FBI agents, scientists, and a host of other people involved with the Cooper saga. We probably conducted around 25 interviews in total, and met some real interesting folks. The four-hound special: DB Cooper: Case Closed? airs tonight on History.


Here is a bonus video from our interview with retired FBI special agents John Detlor and Robert Furhiman, who were on the ground at SEATAC the night of the hijacking.


  • Marla Wynn Cooper

    Thank you for posting this Billy!

  • Hector

    In 1979 I was working @ SJCO Jail. I met and spoke to Bobby. Smart but, dangers man. Soft spoken and plays the game well. He went to an inmate and requested a handcuff key. Was willing to pay $1,000.00. If you want contact me, more to the story

    • Marla Wynn Cooper

      Are you referring to Furhiman?