est. New York | c. Los Angeles
est. New York | c. Los Angeles


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Epic Playgrounds

Have you been to a playground lately? Most are pretty boring, ugly and unchallenging.

The fantastic playgrounds of the ‘60s and ‘70s–the giant rocket ships and robots, pirate ships, and western forts, tall slides and jungle gyms—have been replaced with tame plastic and metal structures.
Imagination has been replaced with caution.
Epic Playgrounds is a 501(c)3 nonprofit collective of artists, builders and dreamers with one goal in mind: create the absolute coolest playgrounds in the universe–for both children and adults.

Our goal is to create a playground arms race amongst every town in America. Today towns brag about their art museums, their sports teams, thir golf courses. There’s no reason they shouldn’t be bragging about their playgrounds.



Overshadowed by History:

Ten Ordinary Murders on Ten Extraordinary days


September 11, 2001. As New York City suffers the worst terrorist attack in American history, a Polish immigrant is gunned down in Brooklyn—the only other murder in the city that day. His murder takes a month to reach the papers and to this day remains unsolved.


August 29, 1963. As Martin Luther King makes his famous “I have a dream” speech on at the Lincoln Memorial, young Emily Hoffert and Janice Wylie are brutally murdered in an apartment in New York City.


April 20, 1999. As two teenagers kill 11 students, one teacher and wound 24 in a bloody rampage at Columbine High School in Colorado, 12-year old Cally Jo Larson is found raped and brutally murdered in her home in Minnesota.


May 1, 1992. As the riots from the Rodney King verdict rage in Los Angeles, Eric Christopher Houston walks into his old high school with a shotgun, killing four people and wounding ten in revenge over a failing grade.


These are all horrendous and unusual crimes that would have caught headlines across the country—if not for the day they were committed. They are overshadowed by history. Cally Jo Larson would have been all over the talk shows if not for Columbine controlling the headlines. And seven years earlier, America would have been introduced to high-powered school shootings if Eric Christopher Houston’s headlines hadn’t been overshadowed by the LA Riots.


This book examines ten murders that took place on momentous days in history, placing the reader inside history in a true crime “Quantum Leap”-like narrative. Some of the crimes remain unsolved because investigators were dealing with the matters of the day, while others would have been major headlines if not for timing. Lost in the news cycle were crimes with deep sociological impacts—an illegal alient raping and killing a young girl, two “career girls” killed in their first apartment in the big city, a former student exacting revenge by shooting up his former school.


The bottom line is these are ten stories that need to be told—and haven’t been because history was being made. They are classic tales that are told with the backdrop of history unfolding behind them.