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est. New York | c. Los Angeles

Field Reports


The Bear Brook Murders

Posted May 25th, 2016 in Investigations by Billy Jensen



The Allenstown Four. The Bear Brook Murders. The Family in Barrels.


The crime goes by many names, but one thing that is certain–it is one of the most horrendous and baffling crimes in American history. Four bodies–one woman, and three little girls–found in two barrels years apart. It is later learned that three of the four victims are related. How does a family just disappear with no one looking for them?


I traveled to the crime scene and met with a citizen detective who has worked countless hours trying to crack the case, and also went to DC to meet with the forensic artist who is trying to give a face to the victims.



Behind the scenes



Walking into the NCMEC building in Virginia.



Walking the trail in Allenstown.




Using the original crime scene photos to line up where the bodies were found.





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