est. New York | c. Los Angeles
est. New York | c. Los Angeles


Is there a serial killer operating in Southern Ohio

The murders Lindsey Maccabee and Danielle Greene

We know who killed them…but we still don’t know who they are

The case of the Allenstown 4 answers one question, but asks a dozen more.

The Overturned Murder Conviction of Kimberly Long

Nine months after we aired my investigation into Kimberly Long’s potential wrongful murder conviction, she walked out of prison—and we finally got to meet face to face.

Missing Persons: The Gap in the System Leaves Families Looking For Answers

There are more than 110,000 missing persons in America. And 40-60,000 Unidentified Human Remains in Evidence Lockers—Yet law enforcement has no database to link the two together. I investigate “America’s Silent Mass Disaster.”

Two Barrels, Four Bodies, Zero Answers

The case of the Allenstown Four gets new life from a citizen detective and a forensic artist

Solving the Mystery of Caledonia Jane Doe

How a citizen detective artist solved one half of a murder mystery

Climbing the mountains of Moab, Utah with the brothers who set out to find a fugitive for Christmas

“I said ‘Hey Jarom, what are you doing?’ ‘Nothing.’ ‘Want to come hiking with me and go find a dead guy?’ And he said yes.”

The Unsolved Murder of Faith Hedgepeth

Producer Kelly McLear and I worked on this story, which took many twists and turns.

The Murder of Dino Dizdarevic

After I spoke at the Parents of Murdered Children Conference, Dino’s mother approached me and told me his story. It was heartbreaking. I produced this piece but it is still unsolved.

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